Botany Group

This group is not currently active.

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Lucy’s aim for the group is to teach everyone to be able to identify wild flowers in the field. So the group studies specimen plants with the aid of a botanical hand lens, which Lucy supplies (price £10). Each group member is provided with a copy on loan of the Concise British Flora by Rev. W. Keble Martin.

The group will also cover plant function; herbal medicine; the folklore of native plants; plant evolution; and the history of plant collecting.

Absolutely NO experience of anything necessary. It is very much a “hands on” group with activities ranging from the trivial to the testing. And chatting …

Smyrnium olusatrum Alexanders. This robust plant, related to Cow Parsley and other “Umbellifers”, grows in hedgerows near the sea often for miles on end. It was brought to Britain by the Romans for use as a vegetable before Celery was introduced and is very similar in taste.