New French Group

Published 25th June 2021

We have a new member who is keen to restart the French Group. Please get in touch if you are interested.

Michelle Thomas writes …


I would like to restart the French Group.

I am a graduate in French Studies from 1982, so nearly 40 years ago. I spent one academic year in French-speaking Switzerland (Suisse romande), as part of my degree. I never used my degree for a career, so I am woefully out of practise. I used to be fluent, but would consider my skills have dipped to intermediate some time ago. I work part-time in accounts these days.

Initially I would like to understand what you would like to do in the group, what you hope to achieve, and at what level you are comfortable – basic, intermediate, or advanced. It would also be useful to know if you have any books and/or DVD’s in French.

There may be enough interest to have 2 types of groups…

One group which concentrates on day-to-day conversation where we could practise our French to use in shops and restaurants for example. We could look at French menus and learn a bit more about French culture and etiquette, and maybe practise some simple recipes! We could practise French expressions used whilst travelling by bus and train, which could lead to exploring French towns and holiday destinations on the internet.

And another group to look at more advanced aspects – discussions in French about novels, poetry, art, cinema, theatre, music, current affairs, listening to radio and TV programmes, etc, etc. I have a small library of very old French novels, plays and poems used in my French studies. I have recently been given a DVD of cult film noir “A bout de souffle”, which might be a good place to start. Plus I have some Jacques Tati videos.

These are just thoughts. Please feel free to let me know yours!

I have a Zoom subscription, so meeting online is a very convenient option. My home in Tremont Park is not big, so I can seat 4-5 people comfortably but no more and subject to prevailing government advice. If interest is big enough, we can decide to rent some space somewhere in town. The nearest place to me is Celf O Gwmpas.

I am available on Mondays and Thursdays to fit around work and my Welsh classes… yes, I am learning Welsh! Evenings and weekends are an option too.  Once we have met, we can decide on venue, which day and how often.

I do not have a French network in and around Llandrindod Wells, so I would welcome any help with finding natural speakers or French teachers who might like to join us occasionally to keep us on the straight and narrow!

J’espère vous rencontrer bientôt.
Au revoir pour le moment.
Michelle Thomas

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