About the u3a

Each u3a is an independent, locally-run organisation which is part of a UK-wide movement. The u3a national body – the Third Age Trust – looks after all the u3as in the UK, providing educational and administrative support.

The u3a Group in Llandrindod was founded in 2006 and goes from strength to strength with a current membership of over 220. It provides the opportunity to learn informally in a friendly environment. If you believe that learning is for pleasure and want to develop your knowledge or skill in a subject, engage in creative activities or socialise with like minded people, then u3a is for you.

Llandrindod u3a members meet up in two ways: we have a Monthly Lecture from a varied and stimulating programme which has a broad appeal, and we also meet in small groups run by our own members who draw upon their knowledge and experience to teach and learn from each other.

We don’t do tests, exams, assessments or performance appraisals!

Find out about Interest Groups to see what is on offer at the moment. If you join our u3a and want to explore starting a new subject group, there are bound to be others who share your interest. It makes an amazing difference when everyone helps everyone else. If it’s not fun, it’s not u3a! There are over 1,000 u3as throughout the UK so we must be doing something right.

Founded in 1982, the u3a is a UK-wide movement of locally-run groups.

There are currently 1,057 u3as in the UK with over 450,000 members.

It’s all voluntary: a typical u3a will be home to many activity groups covering dozens of different subjects – from art to zoology

Third Age Trust
The Trust is the national representative body for u3as in the UK, providing educational and administrative support.

Visit the National u3a website