Art Group

Group Leader: Karen Latham –

The Art Group meets on the second Wednesday of the Month at Celf O Gwmpas. The large studio will be open from 9:30am to allow individuals to set up and settle down, with the formal session commencing no later than 10:00am with the studio to be vacated by 12:30pm.

New members will be most welcome!

No matter what abilities, experience or interests individuals may have, we are all learning and trying new things out, with the joy of knowing there is no teacher, no exams just a supportive self help group enjoying a couple of hours of quiet concentration when the rest of life’s demands will be forgotten.

The cost will be £3.00 for the sessions to pay for the venue, and hopefully the occasional tutor and life drawing session. Cost over and above £3.00 will be discussed and agreed in advance.

Meeting dates for 2024

No meeting in January.

  • February 14th – Working with Acrylics with local artist Catherine Smedley.
    You will need some acrylic paints, 3 brushes (largish, medium and fine for detail) a palette (a white plastic or old plate will suffice) and either strong acrylic paper or a piece of board or canvas, to work on. We will stick with acrylics for the next couple of sessions afterwards so we can really get to grips with the medium. There is always the option of bringing something you are already working on if you don’t want to use acrylics.
  • March 13th – Working with Acrylics continued. Please bring along something you want to work on a copy of some sort such as a photograph. Really good paper, board or even a small canvas are recommended.
  • April 10th – Working with Acrylics continued.
  • May 8th – Drawing with Charcoal with Jenny Hall. Bring Charcoal, Putty Rubber, good Cartridge Paper, not too shinny or too textured. Jenny also suggests you bring along a subject that will become the basis of your work. What ever stimulates your creativity, animal, vegetable, or mineral! Or even just your imagination
  • June 12th
  • July 10th
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Meeting dates for 2023

  • 10th May – For this meeting will be a getting to know you in a relaxed session using charcoal and chalk, (or pen and ink for those who prefer not to get “dirty”). Plus there is always the option of bringing something you are already working on.
  • 14th June – “Reflections on Water“. You will need Water Colour, a couple of brushes and water colour paper. If you could also bring a picture of a body of water which you like – it could be moving, a stream or river, calm a lake or canal, boats or ducks on water what ever image you like but something which has reflections in the water.
  • 12th July – Watercolour Workshop with Ann Chandler. You will need to bring
    • Water colour paper, board, tape to stick down the paper to the board.
    • Ultra marine, viridian and prussian blue watercolour and a pencil
    • Assorted brushes, two water pots plus a small pot.
    • Masking fluid plus a small container such as a milk bottle top for masking fluid
  • 9th August – Pen and Wash with Roger Smith. You will need to bring:
    • good paper (watercolour preferably)
    • a pen or, pen and ink using Waterproof ink
    • your regular watercolour stuff
  • 13th September – Face and figure drawing. You will need to bring:
    • a marker of your choice i.e Pen, Pencil, Crayon, Charcoal…..
    • and your sketch book/paper
  • 11th October – Life Drawing with tutor Karl Sylvester.
    • Please note that this session will not start until 10:40am so please arrive at at around 10:10am to set up.
    • You should bring an easel or board to rest on and pencils, charcoal, crayon, pastels or even paints … what ever medium you are most comfortable using.
    • Bring plenty of paper as we will use quite a lot in quick sketches.
  • 8th November

There is also the option of working outside in the summer so the 4th Wednesday of the month may become our informal meeting of those who would like to have a go outside weather permitting. (No toilets/drinks unless you bring/ may have access difficulties in some locations, car sharing … ) We would discuss at the formal meeting and decide on venues.

Information including any materials required will be posted on the website.

Latest news from the group

February meeting – acrylics

Published 4th March 2024

The first session for 2024 introduced using acrylic paints with local artist Catherine Smedley.

Catherine talked about the introduction of acrylic paints in the 1930s and set a challenge to the group to identify which of a set of pictures she had bought along were painted in acrylics and which were painted in oil. It was not at all easy to tell and I don’t think any of us correctly identified the one oil painting.

November meeting – something seasonal

Published 15th November 2023

In the final session for 2023 the group worked mainly on seasonal topics.

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October meeting – Life Drawing

Published 16th October 2023

The session was led by local artist Karl Sylvester

Please note, the drawings for this month’s session depict a male model. Please do not view the drawings if you would be offended by the content.

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