Creative Writing Group

Group leader: Kathie Richards-Jones –

Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month from 10:30am at the Commodore Hotel.

Forthcoming topics include “What’s in the picture”, “The Layby” and “Atmosphere of a favourite place”. If you would like a “taster” please contact the group leader.

Always thought you could write, but never taken the plunge?


Our group is necessarily small (to allow inclusion time at meetings for everyone’s contribution) but due to house moves we do have a couple of current vacancies.

We work to a chosen list of monthly and topics, but there are no hard and fast rules. Examples of our recent topics include “The key”, “Letter to a 15-year-old” and “How can we get rid of ?” Some of our work has been included in the chairman’s monthly letters you have all received during the epidemic.

Members can work in prose, poetry, doggerel or any other writing medium of their choice. Additionally we use email to enjoy occasional mid-month challenges, and recently included writing a short story with every word beginning with the same letter, and “Favourite line from any song – and why”.

During the past the group has created a radio play, a pantomime, two sequential stories and in conjunction with the Art Group produced an anthology of work over the last five years. Copies of “The Art of Creative Writing” are still available at a cost of £5 (plus £2 P & P if necessary) with all profits going to Welsh Air Ambulance.