Recorder Group

Group leader: Berwyn Woolnough –

The group is currently meeting in Llanyre Village Hall on alternate Friday afternoons at 2:00 pm.

Members of the group have varied levels of experience and skill but, under the expert (and patient!) guidance of the group leader, Berwyn Woolnough, everyone learns and plays together in a relaxed but purposeful way. 

Photos by Jane Malvern

Latest news from the group

Recorder Workshop

Published 2nd December 2012

This was another one of Berwyn’s ‘Good Ideas’ to keep us busy!

On 28 November 2012, the Llandrindod U3A Recorder Group met up with Ludlow U3A Recorder Group for an all day workshop in a strategic venue on Offa’s Dyke, i.e. Knighton Community Centre. Armed with our recorders – of all shapes and sizes- we worked hard together under the eagle eye and ear of Steve Marshall, the U3A National Adviser, who conducted us.

We played together for several hours and surprised ourselves at the music we made. The richness of the Bass Recorders added enormously to our enjoyment and I think we’d all like to play one of these instruments now, very different from our descants!

Both groups have been in existence for around a year, Ludlow started in September 2011 and Llandrindod in January 2012 . Everyone enjoyed the joint venture, organised by the two Group Leaders, Alison Brooks and Berwyn Woolnough, and we look forward to more joint events in the future. Whilst we may never achieve national fame and you’ll need to wait until next Christmas for our CD, the workshop was certainly a learning experience and great fun.

Many thanks Berwyn, Alison, Steve and all the players.