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13th May 2019

The Sinking of the Lusitania

Malcolm Meadows

A brief history of World War I at sea and a detailed account of the sinking of the Lusitania on the 7th May 1915

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8th April 2019

Renaissance sculpture

Stephen Ashley

In this month's talk Stephen Ashley will suggest that there was a lot more to Renaissance sculpture than just Michaelangelo and the Florentine gang.

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11th March 2019

Adventures in the Screen Trade

Deborah Moggach

In her talk, Deborah will discuss the process of turning books into films, her misadventures in Hollywood and what happened in India when they filmed her book. A report of ...

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11th February 2019

Lost Landscapes Around Our Shores

Dr. Martin Bates

Sea levels have been much lower in the past, and our early ancestors once made their homes in areas now covered by the sea.

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14th January 2019

Octavia Hill

Richard Walker

Telling the life story of a fascinating woman and contemporary of George Eliiot and best known as one of the founders of the National Trust.

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10th December 2018

Land of Song

Dean Powell

Celebrating the history of the male voice choir movement in Wales

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12th November 2018

The Beatles – over-rated or pop music pioneers?

Kevin Russell

Kevin will talk about the Beatles, concentrating on the period when they were together as a group during the 1960s.

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8th October 2018

History of Pottery

Annette and John Christophers

Starting with what we know about pottery in the earliest human settlements and ending with the Industrial Revolution in Stoke on Trent.

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10th September 2018

History of the BBC

Dr Sian Nicholas

In a period of ‘fake’ news, when politics is more angry and divisive than ever before how can the BBC fulfil its obligation to represent us all?

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9th July 2018

Vanity Architecture

David Mitchell

Showing how architecture reflects the personalities and regimes that spawned it. The talk will be fully illustrated by relevant examples.

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11th June 2018

Human Rights. Racism and the death penalty in America.

Dr. Brenda Davies

The United States remains the only country in the western world that continues to use the death penalty.

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14th May 2018

Killing and Dying in East Africa

Professor Richard Rathbone

Most of us think of the Great War in terms of the war in Europe, forgetting that another campaign took place over huge parts of eastern Africa.

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