Lecture meeting on 10th June 2019

A Solo Walk across Africa

Talk by: Fran Sandham

Critically acclaimed author and public speaker Fran Sandham walked across Africa solo, from Namibia’s Skeleton Coast to the Indian Ocean near Zanzibar, a 3,000-mile trek taking nearly a year.

A report of the meeting by Clive Barrett is available to download.

Speaker biography

Fran Sandham was an editor at Rough Guides for several years, and worked in bookselling and in the voluntary sector before that. He has travelled in over fifty countries. He now lives in London and Wirral, and divides his time between writing, public speaking and travel. He has written for many newspapers, magazines and travel publications, including the Sunday Times, NBC News, the Daily Telegraph, the Observer, the Financial Times, inflight magazines for KLM and Gulf Air, Adventure Travel, Traveller magazine, Travel Africa and Country Walking.


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