Lecture meeting on 10th October 2022

Building Llandrindod

Talk by: Stephen Ashley

Llandrindod was, for a while, at the cutting edge of building construction. Stephen will encourage you to look more closely as you move around the town; to see the fascinating bits that you have probably missed, the quirky bits that raise a smile, the international influences and the bits that really didn’t work.

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Speaker biography

Of Welsh and Canadian as well as English extraction, Stephen grew up in the Vale of Evesham. He trained and practised as a chartered surveyor before going walkabout for a while in Italy. He then found, somewhat to his surprise, that he had become a specialist journalist in the construction industry press where he stayed for 15 years.

Seeking a better work-life balance, Stephen brought his family back to Mid-Wales where he worked as a building surveyor for 25 years until his retirement. Somewhat to his surprise, he finds himself just as busy as before!

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