Lecture meeting on 8th July 2019

Conspiracy Theories

Talk by: Mike Watkins

There’s nothing like a good conspiracy theory! There’s paranoia, secrecy, intrigue and even lunacy, some have got it all. From Kennedy to Princess Di, from Roswell to the moon landings this talk takes a light hearted look at the history of the conspiracy theory and presents some of the strangest and weirdest theories, and some that are almost believable!

A report of the meeting by Clive Barrett is available to download.

Speaker biography

Speaker Mike Watkins return to bring us another talk. Mike, as well as being chairman of his local history society, has an interest in canals and is chairman of the Friends of the Leominster Canal. With a life-long love of carpentry, a half acre of garden and their old black & white cottage to maintain, Mike keeps himself pretty much out of trouble!

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