Lecture meeting on 9th May 2022

Japan 1880 to present day

Talk by: Derek Beddow

Derek will present a historical perspective comparing present day Japan to the 1880s when the British Diplomat, Ernest Satow, was one of the first foreigners to live and work in Japan following Japan’s 200 years of isolation.

Watch on Zoom

Members unable to attend the meeting in person can watch the meeting as it takes place using Zoom. Details for joining the meeting using Zoom will be emailed to all members for whom we have an email address a day or two before the meeting.

Speaker biography

Derek Beddow lives in North Wales, and is a retired education consultant. He has worked extensively in the UK education sector. He lived in Peru for 3 years, teaching at a school in Lima. He also lived and worked in Japan for 5 years.

He visits Japan frequently with his Japanese wife. He speaks Japanese, reads Katakana and Hiragana, and has been studying Kanji for a number of years. Derek has been visiting Japan since 1989, and still considers Japan to be the most fascinating country in the world.

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