Lecture meeting on 9th September 2024

Life and Work in Uganda

Talk by: Penny Williams

Penny Williams first became involved with Uganda when her daughter did a gap year there, working with a small team overseen by Pastor John Okello who founded two schools and two churches.  His ambition was to enable every child on the hill where he lives on the outskirts of Kampala to have an education, including the poorest of the poor who work in the stone quarries on the top of the hill.

Sometime later with her husband Ifor she was able to go and visit these people ourselves.  She took lots of photos which will give a great insight into the work and lives of the remarkable, innovative  people who live there.  They saw no begging but lots of hard work and determination.

To enable the poorer children to attend school, the children make and sell beautiful paper bead jewellery to supplement the costs of education. Penny will bring a selection for you to see and marvel at.  If you wish to buy any, all the money will be sent back to the two schools there we support.

Speaker biography

Penny and her husband live near Erwood, with their dog, 23 ducks and 8 goats!  They moved there 14 years ago from Broad Haven, Pembrokeshire where they led a busy baptist church for 21 years.

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