Lecture meeting on 13th February 2023

On the Trail of the Welsh Cistercians

Talk by: Julian Lovell

The talk will look at the establishment of the Cistercians in Wales against the religious fervour of the time which was generated by the Crusades. Some monasteries were more successful than others but shared similarities of location, plan and construction and ultimately the same fate. Some well-established myths about the monastics will be challenged. All in the garden was not necessarily rosy and the monks could be neighbours from hell!

Watch on Zoom

Members unable to attend the meeting in person can watch the meeting as it takes place using Zoom. Details for joining the meeting using Zoom will be emailed to all members for whom we have an email address a day or two before the meeting.

Speaker biography

Julian Lovell studied Historical Geography at London University and worked for many years as a teacher of geography and history.  A change in circumstances meant an opportunity to undertake more independent research into the landscape history of mid-Wales.

Julian is secretary of the Abbey Cwmhir Heritage Trust, also fulfilling the role of Heritage and History Lead. Over the last three years, the Trust has contributed to the Sacred Landscapes Project, funded by AHRC, which aims to relate the upland monasteries of Strata Florida and Cwmhir, mid-Wales, with religious houses in lowland Lincolnshire.

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