Lecture meeting on 9th March 2020


Talk by: Geraint Davies

A talk on the origins and evolution of the crime novel by the author of Welsh detective novels.

A report of the meeting by Clive Barrett is available to download.

Speaker biography

Dr Geraint Evans, was for over 35 years lecturer and Senior Lecturer at the Department of Information Studies Aberystwyth University. He had always been a voracious reader of detective novels and on his retirement he began to write detective novels in Welsh – having noticed that in comparison to hundreds available in English the number of Welsh titles was very limited.

His first novel, Y Llwybr (The Path), appeared in 2009 and has been followed by four others. All the novels are set in Aberystwyth/Ceredigion and feature Detective Inspector Gareth Prior and his feisty assistant D. C Teri Owen. In 2019 he wrote a 10,000 word story for his community newspaper entitled Night and Day – which appears in 1,000 word monthly chunks. The fee for the story was passed to the 2020 Ceredigion National Eisteddfod Appeal. He has just started on his sixth novel, which if he keeps to his timetable (!) should be published in the Spring of 2021.

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