Resources for Group Leaders

Group Leaders Guide

The guide is a reference document for all group leaders. It provides advice on topics such as finance, resources and venues and covers rules that need to be followed when running your group.

Download available

Group Leaders Guide

Logos, Fonts and Design Resources

If you are producing your own posters, leaflets, presentations, handouts or other material please make use of the correct u3a logo and typeface and use ‘official’ colours. The following are available to download:

  • The u3a Brand Guidelines includes lots of examples of how to create material.
  • The u3a font is a .zip file that contains several variants of the u3a font that you can install on any computer.
  • u3a logos: the .zip file contains several different layouts, sizes and colours.

Group Attendance Form

This form is based on that recommended by the Third Age Trust for keeping a record or members attending meetings and events.

If you plan to take photographs during the meeting you can use the sheet to record your members’ consent.

If appropriate, for example when your meeting involves travelling away from Llandrindod, you can use the sheet to record phone contact information.

Download available

Group Attendance Form

Transport arrangements

When transport for a Group activity is done by private cars, all passengers should contribute towards the cost of petrol according to the current U3A recommended mileage rate which is currently 30p per mile.

To calculate the cost per person:

Number of miles travelled (don’t forget to allow for the return journey!)
Multiply by 30p
Divide by number of people in car (i.e. passengers AND driver)

Laptop and Projector

If your group would like to make use of the U3A’s laptop & projector, please contact Stephen Ashley.

The laptop runs on Windows 10 and has the complete suite of Microsoft Office 2010 installed. The laptop has a CD/DVD player, so could be used for showing films, and a separate speaker is also available.

Health and Safety

Venue Risk Assessment Checklist (editable docx file)