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Severn Valley railway. September 2023

Severn Valley railway. September 2023

13 intrepid travellers set off from The metroplole Hotel to car share to Kidderminster to catch the 10 am train to Bridgenorth on the Severn Valley Railway. Arriving in plenty of time we found there to be a lot of passengers on the same journey. Everyone arrived on time and nobody was missing. Blue Leader was delighted.

The authenticity of the heritage railways is awesome. They even had passengers standing in corridors to provide that feeling of reminiscence . remember the old British Railway days whene trains ran late and were over crowded? It was a bit like that.

The journey was fabul;ous with plenty of lovely scenic views of Worcestershire countryside as we passed throughBewdley, Arley, Highley and Hampden Loade before arriving at 11.10am.

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Everyone was free to do their own thing in Bridgenorth. Sadly the Cliff railway was not available owing to overhauling works. Funnily enough we all decided to frequent the same Wetherspoons establishment for lunch, not all at the same time I hasten to add but at some point we were all in there at the same time.

The journey back began at 4.10pm and we arrived back at Kidderminster by 5.20pm for the return car jouney to Llandrindod.