Computer Group

Internet and Email Safety

The group is nearing the end of the topic on Spreadsheets so we will soon be starting a new topic on April 4th.

For this topic we’ll be considering the various types of risk that you can be exposed to when you browse websites or handle email. We’ll cover things like anti-virus products; blocking advertising; what “cookies” are and if you should worry about them; personal privacy issues and “identity theft”; “scam” and “phishing” emails; bogus websites; “malware”, “ransomeware” and other threats which we all want to avoid.

Please contact Nick Talbott if you would like to join the group or suggest a topic. You do not need to have previously attended computer group meetings as the group is open to any u3a member.

The computer group will continue to meet using Zoom as this format seems to work well for members and allows many more participants.