French Group

Group Leader: Michelle Thomas –


We meet every 3rd Monday afternoon each month at 1.30pm, except bank holidays and Michelle’s holidays. We meet at a member’s house. Meetings normally last 1.5 to 2 hours.

Please contact me by email (preferred) for information about our meeting dates and locations for 2024.

We want to practise our French, particularly spoken French, and learn a bit more about French life, but the main aim is to refresh our language skills whilst having fun! I use online resources to share stories, blogs and audio-visual recordings. We occasionally watch a French film too, with sub-titles, although this is usually a longer session of about 3 hours.

What level do you need? Well, our small group of 6 have O-level French or above. So if you can talk about your home, garden, family, holidays, and/or interests, you will be fine with us! None of us are teachers or native speakers, so we are not here to judge you! However you may need to stretch your little grey cells!

Please read the news item about the group , created in 2021, when I first re-instated the group. This will give you an idea of who I am and what I hoped to achieve.

Merci bien, Michelle Thomas.