Lecture meeting on 12th August 2019

Family Matters: Four generations of women’s lives

Talk by: Janet Robinson

Janet’s talk is set in Hertfordshire. Born in Hatfield, she describes herself as “a less distinguished daughter than some, of a grocer – that old fashioned word that has now disappeared from common parlance”. Her talk is about the research and presentation of family history and is based on the grocery business started by her great-grandfather in 1869. It encompasses four generations, some quaint characters, and the experiences of two World Wars. It includes, of course, some of those who married into the family and have their own unique stories.

A report of the meeting by Clive Barrett is available to download.

Speaker biography

Now living in Hay on Wye, before Janet came west she was a teacher in both Hertfordshire and London. In 1986 she and her husband bought an old Vicarage in Herefordshire and ran a guest house for sixteen years. Not only was that a rewarding experience but they found themselves knee deep in the history of one of the local vicars – a Victorian astronomer – and it was after the publication of his life and work that she returned to her own family roots.

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