Computer Group

Using LibreOffice Draw to create posters, cards, diagrams, plans and more

Resuming on Monday 20th September. We will be using Zoom for this topic.

If you have are interested in this topic but have not attended previous sessions this would be a good time to join as the session on 20th September will be a review of what we have covered so far.

Draw is a “vector” graphics program, which means that it stores drawing shapes as mathematical values. But you certainly don’t need to understand maths to use Draw!   Vector graphics programs take a totally different approach to photo editing programs which store images as a grid of coloured dots.  Both have their uses.  Draw is part of the free, open source LibreOffice suite of programs and is available for computers running Linux, MacOS or Windows.

In these session we will start from the basics and go on to more sophisticated uses.  No previous experience is necessary!

If you would like to join the group for this topic please contact the group leader. You do not need to have previously come to the computer group meetings. You are also welcome if you are a member of another u3a (in which case please say so when contacting the group leader).